Web Dev Needed for Qmarketz

We need a web developer for phase 2 of our used car platform. We’d love to work with you!


About Qmarketz

Research before buying your next car. Qmarketz is the trusted source of used car pricing, reviews and information so you can buy or sell used cars smarter and easier. Do your research with Qmarketz before buying your next car!

Qmarketz Phase 2

We need a web dev. For phase 2, we’re almost done with our platform but our developer needed to leave for other projects, so we need someone to continue his work and get us Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ready. We’ve already got suppliers and buyers in place – what we need now is the platform to get finalized, and we need you!

Who are you? You have…

  • coding experience of about 5 years, specifically on PHP
  • both front-end and back-end experience
  • developed websites on your own, or have led it for small teams
  • are willing to work collaboratively with Qmarketz founders
  • (Preferred) willingness to work for equity, though we are also open to a straight up success fee.
  • are OK taking over the work of another dev and adapting to your work.

What you get

  • fees for your work (for negotiation), or
  • equity in the company
  • ability to work part-time and from wherever you want, as long as the deliverables are done on-time and
  • we must meet once a week to discuss progress.

Next steps

If you’re still interested, mail us – [email protected] and we’ll take it from there. We can show you our current website and discuss further what needs to get done (already in a document).

Buying Used Cars – A Simple Guide

Used car buying or used vehicle buying will be more challenging than buying a brand new vehicle, but the rewards can also be significant. The biggest advantage is price. Cars depreciate fastest during their first few years, so a one year old used car could be as much as 25% cheaper than its sibling straight out of the dealership, even though the car hasn’t refreshed yet – meaning, you’d get exactly the same features as if you were buying brand-new. With this guide, Qmarketz.com arms you with knowledge and tips to make sure you get your dream used car, while also avoiding the most common risks and pitfalls. Read this guide before scheduling your test-drives or depositing your down payment.

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