Buy or sell your next car easily and quickly with has a lot of information that will make your used car buying or selling much easier and faster. Qmarketz wants to make life easier for the community, and so we’re giving you a few things. Read on to find out how to maximize our features (and we’re hard at work to incorporate even more features soon!)

  1. Car market prices

    We scour all offline and online sources to get prices cars are being sold for, so that we can triangulate on the market price of each car. We speak to car dealers, private sellers and search online to determine the likely prices that cars will be sold for. We think this is a great starting point for you to buy or sell a car; however, we aren’t able to account for individual differences per car. Is the car in question in excellent condition or with very low mileage for its age? By all means, expect the car to sell higher than market prices. Does it have a big dent or is it a fixer-upper? Don’t be afraid to bargain for well below the market price. Bottom line, we provide you a guide – not gospel truth – so please use your best judgement and use our used car market prices as just one data point of many.

  2. User reviews

    We believe that the best people to give you feedback about cars are the users of cars: those people who’ve used them for years as their daily driver, so they know all the little annoyances as well as the big headaches that might cost you a lot of money in the future. We like “expert” car reviews as much as the next car site, but we think it’s more valuable to get honest, unpaid opinions from those that have daily experience with the cars. As with everything, take the opinions that you find in with a grain of salt. Read through many reviews, and don’t fixate on just 1 or 2 reviews you like or dislike. As you know with opinions, everyone is entitled to their own, and people might disagree with each other – and that’s OK! The important thing is that you get a good sense about the car before buying it.

    On this note, please consider giving back to our community by reviewing cars you’ve used/ are using. Tell us your opinions, good or bad. This goes a long way in giving more information to the community. Head on over to our review page.

  3. Car specifications and features

    Our last feature is that we give you the car’s specifications and features. It’s important that you know the Year, Brand, Model and Trim of the car you’re researching. The trim is important because it determines a lot of important things like the number of air bags (or even if it has any), or the size of the engine. It also determines whether you’re buying a car with nice-to-haves like power doors, bluetooth radio or leather seats. It would also determine how much you should buy the car for, and in the future, how much you can sell it for. There’s a few hundred thousand pesos worth of price difference between the base model of a car and its top-of-the-line variant, so it’s important to know which one you’re buying. In the extreme case of the Honda Civic, the difference between the base model and the top of the line Type-R is about two million pesos (you read that right!). If the seller conveniently “forgets” to put the trim on their listing, be sure to ask or check the photos. It’s normally a letter or a combination of letters at the back of the car (like S, V, GLX, etc).

Tell us if we’re wrong

Perhaps lastly, We want to be correct 100% of the time, but we recognize that sometimes, we might get it wrong (sorry!). If you spot an error, we and the entire qmarketz community would appreciate if you could tell us by emailing [email protected], so we can correct it.

Happy used car buying or selling!

Thanks for reading, and hope we’re able to help you maximize your use of for your car buying and selling needs.

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