Join the next big startup!

Qmarketz is the trusted source of used car market pricing, user reviews and car specifications information so you can buy or sell used cars smarter and easier – guaranteed. We’d like to help improve and expand the Philippine used car market by providing more information to buyers and sellers through our easy-to-use website,

We’re still in the very early stages – our website is still being built at the time of writing – but we are set to launch our website by March 2018. We need your skills and talent, to launch our product successfully.

What’s in it for you?

Great question! We’ve got a lot to offer here besides just monetary rewards.

  1. Building a company from scratch – We’re literally starting from zero, and you get to drive Qmarketz to success by creating and executing great plans for the next few months.
  2. Broad, multi-functional experience – The experience you get from this will be far broader than what you’d get in a more specialized role in a bigger company. We’re not going to sugarcoat though, this will be a lot of hard work, and so it will not be for everyone. The reward of seeing your product/ company take off and succeed will be worth it though.
  3. Mentorship from our CEO – Poch, Qmarketz’ CEO, has in the past 4 years helped to grow Uber (he was employee #6 in the Philippines), GrabTaxi as its head, and Traveloka as its Country Manager. He knows a few things about how to start a company from scratch and make it a household name, and is very willing to share his knowledge.
  4. Shared office space and use of computers – We don’t have much, but what we have, we share – you can use computers and office spaces during office hours most days. Our office is located in Xavierville, very close to Ateneo’s gate 2, and close to UP.
  5. Work-from-home – Most work can be done remotely, though we may need to meet face-to-face every so often.
  6. Pizza, beer and a great team – We work a lot with cool, young developers, consultants and staff members. Qmarketz gets us pizza and beers often – just regular food, but having them while discussing the next big idea is exhilarating.
  7. Allowance – We’ll ensure that you are given an allowance, though if you really want the big bucks, larger, richer and more established companies are probably better for you.
  8. Possible offer to stay on – if we like each other, we’d love if you can work with us after graduation. Equity stakes, bonuses for performance and salary are all in store, pending a favorable assessment after the internship.
  9. A great recommendation letter – Whether or not we work together post-graduation, we’ll certainly give a recommendation letter highlighting the positives of your performance (of which we’re sure there will be many!).

What we expect from you

  1. Individual hard work and dedication – we prefer full-time interns but also open to part-timers. We do expect a lot from you in terms of ideation and then thereafter execution. When all is done however, the success of Qmarketz is something you can claim to be largely due to you and your efforts. We don’t like micro-managing, and we think neither do you, so we’ll meet perhaps 1-2x a week but otherwise we’ll trust you to deliver as you see fit.
  2. Everything else – We’re a start-up, and almost by definition, this requires flexibility from everyone. We may need to do one thing today, another tomorrow. Some things will be fun, and some will be mundane and repetitive – but they have to get done, and we expect that you’re up to the task.

What projects will you be working on

  1. Create and execute a marketing plan – We’ll need your sharp minds and skills to create a 6-month marketing plan. Don’t worry, you’ll get a lot of help! We have experience in Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, offline activations and then some. Once the planning is done, the execution begins, which is equal parts fun and tiring. We’ll be doing a lot of creative, low-cost and fun marketing here, which you probably won’t learn from a big budget company, so this will be a good learning experience.Ideal for this role would be someone interested in marketing especially digital marketing.
  2. Account management and operations work – We need to create a lot of strong alliances and partnerships with car dealers, banks, insurance companies, individual sellers, etc. We might also need them to advertise in our site. This project will give you first-hand experience in selling and hone your interpersonal skills. It might also give you a lot of strong contacts and expand your network! Part of this job may entail interfacing with car buyers and convincing them to use our platform.Ideal for this role would be someone interested in marketing, sales, operations management.
  3. User experience, communications, design and user interface – We care a lot about how we communicate with our target audience. Through your design aesthetic, you will help us gain partners, allies and customers. You’ll work with our marketing team a lot to come up with great designs and copy. We’ll teach you a lot of the principles and work with you on the project brief, but the design and execution will be largely yours!Ideal for this role would be someone taking up communications, visual communications, design or fine arts.
  4. Systems creation – help us create the inner workings of the website and ensure that all functionalities we dreamed about become reality!
    You must be studying web development and know programming languages. You must know (at a minimum) CSS and HTML.
  5. Web Programmer – In this role, you’ll be designing tools to enable us to harvest a lot of information freely available on the internet, in an automated fashion. We would then use this information to give our users very useful information they didn’t formerly have.Good knowledge of python language would be most ideal.

What the next steps are

If everything we’ve just said sounds like your thing, or if you just have a few more questions, send us a note: [email protected] . Please send in your resume too. We’ll get back to you soon, if we find that there’s a good fit.

Also, learn more about us and why we’re doing this company here: Our stake on the ground

Thanks and we hope to work with you soon!